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Welcome to the website of the Latham’s Snipe project.

The Latham’s Snipe Project was started by a group of passionate ornithologists to better understand the ecology of the Latham’s snipe Gallinago hardwickii and their use of wetlands.

Our efforts focus on the Port Fairy area in south-western Victoria, breeding areas in Hokkaido, Japan and the migration patterns along the East Asian-Australasian Flyway.

We use a range of techniques to better understand the species: observations, habitat monitoring, geolocators and satellite tracking. Funding has been provided by the Australia Japan Foundation.

We also engage the communities where we work to encourage ownership and protection of the local environment that the Latham’s snipe relies on.

We’d also love to hear any observations you’ve had of Latham’s snipe: whether that is your first or last record for the year, sightings in unusual numbers, historic records or interesting locations. Contact us via email: or

Thanks, the Latham’s Snipe Project team

Photo credit: Richard Chamberlain

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