Satellite tracking update 23/04/2020

Since our last update, snipe 59 has made its way to Cape York and is hanging around in what appears to be a creek line / wetland area off a tributary of the Coleman River. My colleague Eric Vanderduys, who has spent loads of time working on Cape York, sent me a photo of the habitat in the region. Pretty different to Canberra and Gwydir wetlands!

Typical tropical woodland habitat in the region where Snipe 59 is currently stopped over. Photo Eric Vanderduys

Snipe 64 had made another move northward and on April 15 was south of Grafton on the mighty Clarence River. Unfortunately, there have been no further transmissions since that date. It is probably too early to make doom and gloom pronoucements, as we have had Argos data delivery issues a bit recently. So fingers crossed 64 will suddenly pop up somewhere in the coming days.

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