Satellite tracking update 6/4/2020

After a week of waiting anxiously, wondering what had happened to snipe 59, the Argos data finally appeared online today. Even the data for snipe 64 were a day late. It isn’t clear why there was a delay in delivering the Argos data, but the wait was worth it. Snipe 59 is now in Far North Queensland, in the tablelands inland of Mission Beach. It is not far from the Herbert River at an altitude of about 700m. Very cool. It arrived there sometime between April 3 and 6. On its way north, it stopped over near the coast at a locality called Inkerman (south of Ayr) between March 29 and April 3. There was single fix north-east of Roma in southern Queensland on March 26, and prior to that it was north of St George and east of the Balonne River for at least 9 days.

Snipe 64 is determined to stick with the NSW coast, and is making its slow and steady way up the coastline. It most recent fixes have been from the floodplains of the Macleay River, just south of South West Rocks (since March 26). It was in the Dyers Crossing area (inland of Tuncurry) for at least 10 days prior to that.

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