Satellite tracking update 19/02/2020

As of four days ago, our tagged snipe 59 was still in Gwydir wetlands and our other tagged snipe 64 was still dam hopping in the Lake Saint Clair / NW Newcastle region. Updated map below. The cool thing we found out today is that the two areas our Gwydir bird is using are quite different in habitat. The day time area is a mix of club-rush and cumbungi to about thigh height with some open patches of water, whereas the night time area has shorter and more open vegetation growing back after fire and drying. Very interesting to see similar behavioural patterns to that in urban areas in an essentially “natural” wetland.

Tagged snipe feb19
Latham’s Snipe fixes as of February 15. The inset shows day and night fixes for bird 59 in Gwydir.


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