Snipe talk series 2018

Birgita is conducting a roving series of talks on the Latham’s Snipe project, beginning this coming weekend in south-east South Australia. These talks are open to anyone who has an interest, but they will also be providing updates on the key findings and outcomes from the project for volunteers who have been involved.

The schedule at the moment is:

  • July 7 – Mt Gambier Public Library; 1230pm
  • July 8 – “Snipe, Sushi and Swamps” at Port Fairy Community Centre; 130pm
  • August 17 – Wallace Park, Noosaville (via video; lead presenter Lynn Scott)
  • September 12 – Canberra Ornithologists Group meeting, Canberra Girls Grammar School, Deakin; 745pm
  • September 18 or 19 (TBC) – East Gippsland (Traralgon or Bairnsdale)
  • November 8 – Field Naturalist’s Club of Victoria, Blackburn

This page will be updated from time-to-time. So if you’re interested in attending talks but can’t make the next one, keep a watch on this page for the next upcoming talks.

Please contact Birgita ( if you want more information.

South-west talks July 7 & 8

Both the Mt Gambier and Port Fairy talks were well attended, despite crappy weather over the weekend which might have otherwise kept people at home! We had 25 people attend the Mt Gambier session, which was held in a really nice seminar space at the Public library – we even had catering. In addition to providing a project update, Birgita outlined the current survey coverage for south-east SA, identifying where there were survey gaps. She also visited Lake McIntyre with Rosey Pounsett and Noel Boyle.

Lake McIntyre in Millicent

The following day at the community centre in Port Fairy there were 26 people and we had a fabulous feast of sushi thanks to the South Beach Wetlands and Landcare Group. Birgita gave a similar overview on the project, and there were some great questions about the tracking and data specific to Port Fairy.

A short article was written about the event: News article in The Standard 

Birgita would like to thank Bryan and Toni for organising the talk and catering in Mt Gambier, and Jodie, Don and Sherril for organising the Snipe, Sushi and Swamps event. And many thanks to all the attendees who took time out of their weekends to attend.

The next talk in the snipe series will be in Canberra, followed closely by a talk in East Gippsland.


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